ADA Failed Antechamber

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Created Time

11/9/2022 9:27:52 AM

Updated Time

11/9/2022 9:28:03 AM


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Output Message

Welcome to antechamber 20.0: molecular input file processor. ---Judge bond type for Residue 1 with ID of 0 and Name of MOL --- ---Judge bond type for Residue 2 with ID of 1 and Name of MOL ---

Error Message

/usr/local/amber/bin/to_be_dispatched/antechamber: Fatal Error! Cannot generate RESP charges. Invalid input selections: The RESP charge method requires a Gaussian output file, i.e. -fi gout -gv 0 or a Gaussian ESP file, i.e. -fi gesp -gv 1 or a GAMESS dat file, i.e. -fi gamess.