Research Roadmap
MMMP Roadmap of Generating High-Quality MM Models for Studying Protein-Ligand Interactions
Calculate binding free energies using multiple endpoint methods, re-rank docking poses using MMPB/GBSA-WSAS models
Generate AMBER molecular mechanics models, calculate force field parameters and find best force field substitutes for molecule
Evaluate and develop bonded force field parameter by simply clicking your mouse
Drug-Like Screening Databases (Drugs, Approved Drugs, Investigational Drugs, Experimental Drugs)
News & Events
NIH R01 Grant (1R01GM147673-01)

Dr. Junmei Wang received a R01 grant entitled "New Generation of general AMBER force field for biomedical research"

NEWS | 23 Sep 2022

PhD Program

Congrats to Yuchen Sun, who has been admitted to a PhD program at University of Michigan Ann Arbor

NEWS | 10 May 2022

NIH Training Grant

Dr. Viet Man received a NIH K25 award entitled "Development of novel computational protocols to study amyloid oligomerization".

GRANT | 04 Aug 2021